Cooperative and
Condominium Housing

Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer represents more than 125 cooperatives and condominiums in the New York metropolitan area.

Our firm advises boards and their managing agents throughout the City of New York in all aspects of cooperative and condominium living. Our attorneys attend board and shareholder meetings where appropriate and address all issues that face mature cooperatives and condominiums. We also work with newly elected boards early in the life of a new-construction condominium both before and after the sponsor cedes control to the purchasing unit owners.

We also represent parties in commercial transactions such as commercial condominiums and investments in unsold apartments.

Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer attorneys have written extensively in the area of cooperative and condominium housing and have chaired and presented in programs sponsored by various bar associations. One partner teaches the subject at Fordham Law School. A member of the firm has prior experience working in the New York Attorney General’s Bureau of Real Estate Financing. To keep our clients informed, the firm periodically issues reports on current developments in the law affecting cooperatives and condominiums, including a monthly newsletter.

We provide advice and representation on all such matters, which commonly include:

  • Contracts relating to the repair of and alterations to buildings, including the review of construction, architect, and design agreements
  • Preparation of corporate governance documents for cooperatives and condominiums including proprietary leases and amendments, by-laws, house rules, and condominium declarations
  • Disputes by and against contractors, condominiums, sponsors, and mortgagees
  • Disputes by and between cooperative apartment shareholders and condominium owners and disputes involving such parties and the cooperative and condominium boards