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Another Reminder: Employers Must Train Employees Regarding Sexual Harassment

            We have previously reported on New York State’s and New York City’s new laws requiring employers to provide mandatory training programs for their employees on the prevention and reporting of sexual harassment.  The deadline for the first training session is October 9, 2019 for employers in New York City and December 31, 2019 for employers in the rest of New York State.  For employees who are members of a labor union, several of the unions will provide the training.  However, it remains the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees attend and that records of their attendance are kept.  For non-union employers or employees, the employer must arrange for the training to take place.  Employers, including cooperative and condominium boards and landlords, that have not yet set up their training programs should act promptly to make sure they meet the deadlines.  Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer LLP is available to provide the required training to employees of clients of the firm.