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City Council Adopts Local Law Increasing Fines Against Buildings Failing to Display Visible Address

For more than 100 years, New York City law has required that buildings must display a visible address number on their front entrance. However, enforcement of this requirement has been sporadic, and the maximum fine has been just $25 for the first offense plus $5 per day until the violation is corrected.  Under a new Local Law, passed by the City Council and awaiting the Mayor’s signature, the fine will increase to $250 for the first offense plus, if the violation is not corrected within 30 days, $50 per day thereafter.  In addition, the new law requires that the address be posted at all building entrances used by pedestrians, not only at the front or main entrance.  Proponents of the legislation assert that up to 40% of buildings do not have clearly visible address numbers and that their absence can delay emergency workers in responding to urgent calls.