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New Inspection Procedures for Buildings With Water Towers

Recently enacted New York City legislation is tightening the inspection requirements for buildings with water-cooling towers.  Legislation previously adopted in 2015 enacted new requirements for cleaning and maintaining such towers, in the wake of several deaths from Legionnaires’ disease associated with them.  These regulations also require that buildings have a maintenance program and plan for each cooling tower and inspect them every 90 days.  Effective September 21, 2019, inspection results will have to be uploaded to both New York City and New York State portals, and the inspections will include an audit of record-keeping relating to the water tower as well as a visual inspection.  Boards and landlords should consult with their managing agents and engineers to ensure they are prepared for these new requirements, as well as the many other new laws and regulations governing such subjects as elevators, garage inspections, smoke detectors, freon gas in air conditioners, and other matters that continue to be issued by the federal, state, and city governments.