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New York City’s Salary Transparency Law Is Now in Effect

All employers in New York City should be aware that the city’s salary transparency law is now in effect.  Under this law, job advertisements must include the salary or salary range for the position, including minimum and maximum salaries.  The salary figures must represent the lowest and highest salaries that the employer believes in good faith it would pay for the position.

The new law applies to all employers with four or more employees (including independent contractors) in New York City.  A violation will constitute an unlawful discriminatory practice under the New York City Human Rights Law, subjecting the employer to sanctions by the New York City Commission on Human Rights.  The Human Rights Commission has issued guidance that the new law applies to both salaried and hourly positions where the work will be performed in New York City in whole or part, including remotely.  Employers having questions about the salary transparency law should consult with their employment counsel.