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Domestic and international companies rely on us for practical counsel on labor and employment matters.

Foresight Beats Hindsight

We counsel private, public, and nonprofit businesses and individuals on a full range of labor, employment, and benefits issues. We also assist clients resolve union disputes, including strikes,  arbitrations and mediations, before the National Labor Relations Board, in private dispute resolution forums, as well as in court.

Claims of discrimination, harassment, hostile work environments, and wrongful termination can expose a business to significant financial liability. When clients need to address employee problems, our lawyers look at all potential issues, including any union implications, to determine the best course of action.

Many of our clients rely upon contractors and freelancers, but the legal ramifications of doing so can be serious and subject employers to severe penalties. To steer clear of state and federal enforcement agencies, we help clients proactively self-audit to determine who is an employee and who is a contractor in the eyes of the law.

The purchase and sale of corporate and real estate assets can be a minefield of union and multiemployer pension fund issues. Our attorneys work closely with businesses to safely navigate these issues and avoid liability.

Finally, we advise a wide range of individuals to secure the best possible employment contracts, separation agreements to understand their noncompete undertakings, and if necessary, represent them in litigation and/or arbitration.

Real Estate

Adding another layer to our well-rounded real estate practice, we handle labor and employment issues on behalf of building management companies, property developers, cooperatives, and condominium associations, including wage/hour, overtime, and employee classification issues.

Real estate transactions can also present concerns and complications for buyers, sellers, and investors. Our employment and transactional attorneys work together to ensure agreements and contracts contain the necessary and essential provisions to protect all parties from legal exposure and future liability.

The Work

  • Create and enforce employment, confidentiality, non-compete, non-solicitation, and severance agreements
  • Draft documents, including employee handbooks, work rules, and job descriptions
  • Interpret and implement FMLA, ADA, and COBRA regulations and policies
  • Train supervisors on sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Advise on employee hiring, training, disciplinary, and termination
  • Mediate wage/hour claims and negotiate settlements
  • Resolve labor union issues, including counseling and collective bargaining
  • Help reduce and shift liability in multiemployer pension plans